Once Upon a Time at Christmas



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 12%
IMDb Rating 3.4 10 527

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Simon Phillips as Santa Claus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The_Hallow 1 / 10

The Girls Smile When They Die!!

The acting is terrible from most of the cast especially from the victims. Aside from the painful obvious cartoon-like CG blood, most of the victims who are being murdered have this half smirk/smile as they die or as they're dead. It takes away from the movie more than anything. The only good part from this is the boonies like Santa Claus. He at least acted well, but not Mrs Claus, she was like a porn hybrid of Mrs Claus and Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn and not in a good way.

Reviewed by duvernetphotography 4 / 10

Are they sure this isn't a comedy?

Is it possible that a horror movie could be so bad it is funny? If you were going to make up a spooky story at a campfire, this would be it. Barely average in every respect: acting, dialogue, plot line, filming, etc. It is particularly funny how the corpses are still breathing. The guy with the ax is a wild swinging nutcase who is careful enough to hit the right spot on a victim's chest, you know, where the fake blood bag is. The movie has the stereotypes, smooching teens, giggling girls, slutty night clubs, four level words, white lives crumbling, freaky relatives, a sheriff with a history of drinking, the town mayor more interested in votes and money. So bring it on and have a good laugh. A little more melodrama and it would be full on!

Reviewed by metalwarrior-30102 1 / 10

I give this a big 0.

I am not going to write a in depth long review of this movie because a few words will sum it all up, it sucks. im glad it was free on VUDU because I would really hate to spend any on it, even a penny....it was that awful. The story was horrible. The acting was really horrible. it was not scary at all....so do yourself a big favor, pass on this...i wouldn't even watch this garbage even if i didnt have anything to do, I rather sit and look at a wall for 2 hours than watch 15 minutes of this pile of poop.

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